The Meticulous Process of Designing a Masterpiece

Evos Ford: The Meticulous Process of Designing a Masterpiece

Ford tasked Havas Luxe with launching Ford’s “Evos“, one of their concept cars traditionally released every five years. An intriguing and memorable release was planned for their luxury design vehicle.

“White space“ was the central conceptual anchor, alluding to the blank, white sheets of paper designers face as they iterate through the five-year long process of designing the car. Luxe was determined to create a memorable event for the launch of the Evos, which would later be the inspiration for the iconic Ford Fusion.

An empty storage house in the vibrant city of Berlin was the chosen venue. White, minimalistic halls enveloped a stage shaped like a paper sculpture installation – an appropriate canvas for Ford’s designer’s sketches to be projected over its sleek surface. Sketches and blueprints were projected on multi-facetted screens reinforced the movement, dynamics and speed of the Evos’ elegant shape and immaculately designed outlines. Music composed specifically for the event ramped up to a fast montage and as the Evos slowly made its entrance on the stage, exposed to the world’s eyes for the first time, enthusiastic applause reached new heights.

From sketch to final idea, Havas Luxe’s unexpected interpretation and dramatic reveal of the Evos received standing applause by the Global Press in attendance, a usually tough and unbiased crowd to please. We ultimately positioned Ford’s innovation first, reinforcing their commitment to process and avant garde aesthetics in the field of design at large.

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