Andy Warhol x Dom Pérignon: A Pop Art Homage

Andy Warhol x Dom Pérignon: Pop Art Homage at NY Fashion Week

Havas Luxe was commissioned by Dom Pérignon to create a closing week event for the launch of Dom Pérignon’s Andy Warhol inspired bottle collection during New York Fashion Week 2011.

Inspired by Warhol’s unconventional representation of icons, and the playful use of codes and colour in his work, Dom Pérignon reinterpreted its timeless bottle into a unique collection of bottles, each with its distinct label in red, blue or yellow, drawing connection to Warhol’s iconic colour games.

Havas Luxe’s spin was to recreated the vibe of Warhol’s legendary Factory — An event as colorful and playful as Warhol’s palette. Warhol used New York’s vibrant nightlife as inspiration for his legendary and iconic pop art. Luxe appropriately looked at Andy’s famous Factory as inspiration — A hip hangout. The Midnight jaunts. Celebrities mixing with artists mixing with creatures of the night. Celebrity influencers and fashionistas were recruited attendees to the private event.

A loft-style, Michelin Star restaurant in New York’s Meatpacking District was the stage for the private event. The 200 exclusive attendees were treated to a seated dinner surrounded by splashes of pop colour art installations, interspersed with Dom Pérignon bottles and throwbacks of Warhol’s silkscreen art pieces. The crescendo to the unveiling — Giant light boxes of the bottles surprisingly emerged from the dark before enjoying a formal tasting and toast to both Dom Pérignon and Andy Warhol.

Polaroid cameras with pop-art filters were instant take aways. Guests continued to dance the night away at a nightclub on the first floor, which played tunes from the golden days of Studio 54.

We ultimately wanted to create the experience of Andy Warhol and his influence on Pop Culture and Dom Pérignon, ultimately joining the Pop Art Icon Andy with the iconic champagne brand.

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